Posted on Aug 13 2016 - 12:31am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Is Beyonce CHEATING on her husband, Jay-Z with bodyguard, Julius De Boer? Rumors are, she may be pregrant for him too!

Beyonce cheating on Jay-z with bodyguard Julius and pregnant

The proof that Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with her bodyguard, Julius De Boer was captured during Bey’s vacation in Nerano Italy a couple of days ago (August 11, 2016). Black gossip sites have made many claims of Bey’s constant cheating on her husband and baby daddy before, but have never showed any proof.

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I just happened to be in Nerano Italy while Bey was vacationing there. I snapped a few pictures of Beyonce and Julius De Boer getting very cozy and sexually touching each other. Even though her husband Jay-Z made the trip with her, he was no where to be found during the cheating.

Who Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with?

Could Beyonce’s new affair with Julius De Boer spells the end of their marriage? Not necessarily; Jay-z  should throw Bey a bone because he cheated on her with many other women. Beyonce even wrote a song about it calling Jay-z’s mistresses “Becky with the good hair” on her latest album Formation.

Beyonce caught cheating on Jay-Z with bodyguard in Italy

One of the vacationing photos show Beyonce reaching over and putting her right hand on Julius’ back, and he in return put his hands on her back.  Bey got romantic with her bodyguard with Jay-z sitting right next to her! That’s not the only instance of Beyonce cheating moves. In the next picture, she can be seeing rubbing his hips with her right hands while holding their daughter, Blue Ivy.

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The are rumors circulating that Beyonce cheating with her bodyguard may have gotten her pregnant. She was photographed rocking a loose-fitting dress that fully covered her belly. We all know Bey doesn’t cover up that much when she’s on vacation. It looks like she’s hiding something!