BEYLICIOUS: Beyonce’s Black Power Fist At Super Bowl 50 GOT Racist White People Are ANGRY…Black Folks Are LOVING It!!!

Posted on Feb 8 2016 - 11:14pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Beyonce’s black power fist during Super Bowl 50 performance

Beyonce Super Bowl 50 performance pictures

Beyonce did something at her Super Bowl 50 performance very few artists and athletes dare to attempt. Why? Well, all of the sponsors throwing money at them are White and that’s a no-no for the establishment. But didn’t care though, cause like Rick James said “I’m Rich B*tch.”

Beyonce backup dancers black power fist

Beyonce’s black power fist at the Super Bowl got some black folks feeling proud again…we haven’t been that proud to be an American since Barack Obama won the White House by a land slide.

Beyonce Super Bowl 50 performance pics

It looks like Beyonce is transforming herself into a new representative of a new black power movement. Evidence of that can be seen with the release of her new much ““Formation.” But you know it, whenever a black celebrity show pride of being black and happy to be; white people get super angry. Some are even call for a Beyonce boycott. Yep, they want to boycott Bey!

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But, I hope this is just the beginning of Beyonce’s black power fist and movement. We’re hoping to see more of that. Can Bey be the next former Black Panther’s Angela Davis? That is yet to be determined but I like Beyonce’s black power fist during the Super Bowl last night!

Beyonce Super Bowl 50 performance photos

What should we, black people, do about white people hatin’ on Beyonce’s black power fist at the Super Bowl with millions of people watching? Well, we should, first, laugh at them…then, seek to build on that movement. Of course, we have to label them Beyonce’s black power fist haters and let them drink on the haterades all day!

Flip over to see what the haters are saying about Beyonce’s black power fist during her Super Bowl 50 performance.