DUAL TREAT: Is Beyonce and Mariah Carey Working On A Duet? YEP, They Are!

Posted on Feb 15 2016 - 2:35am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Beyonce and Mariah Carey to work on a duet, new song/track

Beyonce and Mariah Carey working on a duet new song

Rumors are that Beyonce and Mariah Carey are working on a duet! If it’s true that the two R&B mega stars are joining forces to produce a new track/song, it will be epic. The divas attended the HeartView Global Foundation together in Los Angeles (L.A) and both had their business game face on.

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Bey and Mariah’s tables were so close to each other, they could reach out and touch. That’s exactly what we are hearing from the grape vine…Beyonce and Mariah Carey will be working on a duet soon! The source said that Bey and Mariah had a chance to talk at the event, and both agree, the duet needs to happen!

Beyonce and Mariah Carey

The stars also got into a bidding war over a Ray Charles portrait. Bey won and agreed to give Mariah a copy of it. Ray Charles’ portrait sold for 1000s of dollars to the rich and gorgeous “Formation” single.

UPDATE: Beyonce and Mariah Carey has entered the studio working on a duet. Below is an IG picture of the two in their recording manager’s office. They share the same recording manager!

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Remember, the two share the same manager, Jon Schwartz. Jon also runs the HeartView Global Foundation, so getting them into the studio together should be a piece of cake. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but Beyonce and Mariah Carey on a new track/song duet will be cool!

What do you think of a Beyonce and Mariah Carey duet?

Photo credit: TMZ