Beyonce and Jay-Z New House Costs How Much? You WON’T Believe!

Posted on Jun 21 2016 - 3:41am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Beyonce and Jay-Z new house makes the British Royal Family, Buckingham Palace look like sh*t…No Kidding!

Beyonce and Jay-Z house photos

Beyonce and Jay-Z new house is no joke folks. The rapper royalty and queen of R&B dubbed Bey by her cult followers (beyhive) are making big moves. Why not, Mrs. Carter works her **s off for every penny she ever earned; and Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z…well, it’s a combination of rapping and business hustling. The Carters are no doubt royals and what more fits for a king, a queen and a little princess (Blue Ivy) than a huge mansion.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z new house costs a whooping $93 millions. That’s only $7m short of $100m. I know you know how to do math, but I had to break down those numbers to you. The price tag is insane. The brand-new mansion in located in Beverly Hills’ Holmby Hills neighborhood. That location is ultra exclusive and reserved only for the rich-of-the-rich.

Beyonce and Jay-Z new house pictures

According to Variety, Beyonce and Jay-Z new house sits on more lands and you and I can cover in one day! The stats of the new palace is mind blowing; the house is custom built for a royal family on two acres of land. The mansion sitting on top of the land is 38,000 square-foot with “10 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, a 5000 square-foot master bedroom, off street parking for 50 cars and a 10 car subterranean garage.”

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Oh, that’s not all; Beyonce and Jay-Z new house has an entertainment center bigger than the house they once lived in. The complex is equipped with a “movie theater, a beauty salon, a spa, an indoor waterfall, tennis courts, basketball courts a private hiking trail” according to allhiphop. The property the house is built on once belonged to music icon, Barbra Streisand. Just when people think Beyonce and Jay-Z’ marriage was falling apart, surprise!

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