Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman Butt Injections Regrets ‘I Hate It’

Posted on Dec 27 2016 - 9:44pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Tami Roman butt injections, booty implants and plastic surgeries coming back to hunt her. “I hate It,” the Basketball Wives reality star said during an interview

Tami Roman Butt Injections Booty Implants Regrets, Watch The Interview

Not everyday do you hear a reality TV star expressing regrets for having plastic surgeries. They often use their butt implants, breasts augmentations, lips injections, tummy tucks and other surgeries for financial gain; even when some of them have gone wrong. Former Basketball Wives star Tami Roman butt injections have come back to hunt her and has embarked on an “I regret it” grand tour to tell the fans how much a mistake having multiple booty implants and injections was.

Tami Roman, the 66 year old and mother of young daughters, said butt injections are not what celebrities are advertising. “booty implants and injections are not what they’re cracked up to be,” she said during the interview on CBS’ daytime show, The Doctors on December 12, 2016. Tami Roman butt injections and implants; how many did she have?

Tami Roman butt injections and implants were popular gossip during the show’s running. “I got the booty injections and I hate it,” Tami admitted. “Not the butt lift. This is straight injections. I thought it would do some good. I thought I was plumping it. Now, I just want to dump it,” Tami said. According to sources, Tami lost counts of how many booty injections/implants and plastic surgery she had! Yikes.

Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman Before and After Butt Injections and Booty Implants Pictures

While Tami Roman’s booty looks much bigger and rounder, she explained that butt injections have zero pros but a lot of cons. “I don’t think women actually want to do it. They think it’s cool, but I actually broke an elevator yesterday,” she revealed. “I was stuck in an elevator, had maximum capacity. It was me, my boyfriend and my a**.” WHOA! Did Tami Roman butt injections really do that?  See video below:

Those of you who are not familiar with the procedure, butt enhancements is pretty much the same as botox. White folks call it botox and minority groups like blacks refer to it as butt or booty injection. Basically, a licensed doctor injects your booty with silicon-based filler until the butt looks plumper, bigger and rounder. It’s like blowing air into a balloon! A butt lift, on the other hand, is a more complicated procedure medically. The doctor has to remove parts from your body surgically and place them in your booty.

Tami has been extremely vocal about her unfortunate booty procedures in the last few months. “I have a** for days.” “The more weight that I lose, the bigger the a** looks,” she explained in an Instagram post in August 2016. Tami Roman butt injections / implants may have given her a bigger booty, but will those fluid fillers reacts in her body when she gets older?

RatchetQueeners, what do you think of Tami Roman butt injection regrets? What are your thoughts on getting booty implants and silicon-based filler?

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