#BaldAndBadChallenge – Pictures Of The Bald And Bad Challenge Girls Set Twitter On FIRE!

Posted on Nov 30 2016 - 7:29am by Ratchet Queens Staff

BAAAAAD TO THE BONE! Pictures of  the Bald and Bad challenge, hashtagged #BaldAndBadChallenge girls breaking Twitter right now!

Bald And Bad Challenge Twitter Pictures

Move over #SlimThickChallenge and #ThickAsHellChallenge, #BaldAndBadChallenge is in! The pictures of the bald and bad girls have set Twitter on fire! These ladies are bold, bald, bad and slay all-in-one. We’re not going to bored you to death. So without further ado, here’s the pictures of the girls of the Bald and bad challenge breaking the Internet in half this week!

Bald And Bad Challenge Twitter Photos

Flip “NEXT PAGE” to see pictures of the girls participating on the bald and bad challenge #BaldAndBadChallenge! Rate them on scale from 1-10