ANOTHER BROTHA GONE! Australian Actress Nicky Whelan And Kerry Rhodes Are Engaged! See The 6.5 Carat Diamond Ring!

Posted on Feb 24 2016 - 12:16am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Nicky Whelan And Kerry Rhodes are engaged! Raised and fed by black women…engaged to a white woman!

Nicky Whelan and Kerry Rhodes enaged! See big diamond engagement ring pictures

Another brotha has gone to the other side ladies. Australian Actress Nicky Whelan and Kerry Rhodes are engaged! She’s now rocking a 6.5 carat diamond ring that could have gone to a sista. I asked the question “why aren’t black men marrying black women anymore?” a couple weeks ago on a FB marriage group, and I got a lot of heat for posing that question; particularly from interracial (black-and-white) couples.

Who should we care? Well, have you seen the commercials lately? It looks like you have to be mixed to be in one these days. I have nothing against mix-babies… my issue is… that’s the only thing people seem to be promoting as of late.

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Nicky Whelan And Kerry Rhodes (former NFL football player) got engaged on Valentines Day and he gave her a 6.5 carat diamond ring. Kerry was born by a black woman, grew up with and taken care of by black women… but at the end he rewarded a white woman who wouldn’t give a damn about him if he wasn’t rich and playing in the NFL.

Nicky Whelan engagement ring

After Nicky Whelan and Kerry Rhodes engagement party, she told People Magazine “I walked into our lounge Friday evening and he was on his knee with a beautiful box in his hands,” “I saw the sparkle coming out of the box, so pure and perfect and simple. And very unexpected.” Nicky Whelan and Kerry Rhodes were introduced to each other by a friend three years ago when he was playing for New York Jets.