BANGIN BOD: Angela Simmons SEXY Post-Baby Body Secrets Revealed! [VIDEO]

Posted on Nov 23 2016 - 8:39am by Ratchet Queens Staff

BANGIN BOD: Angela Simmons SEXY Post-Baby Body Secrets Revealed! See her fit body pictues & [VIDEO]

Post Baby Pictures: Angela Simmons Talk To The Real TV Show Explains How She Dropped Her Post Baby Weight So Fast

On Tuesday, November 22, fashion designer and reality star Angela Simmons guest co-hosts on The Real and dishes tips for dropping baby weight so quickly after only giving birth to baby Sutton less than two months ago!  She also reveals how strict her diet and workout regime really is.

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Angela Simmons on Her Rockin’ Post Baby Body!

Adrienne Bailon:  You know, it goes without saying.  Every day when you walked out here and when we saw you in the back…how do you look so amazing?  So did you lose the baby weight so fast?  How old is Sutton at this point?

Angela Simmons:  Seven weeks.

Loni Love: Seven weeks?!

Jeannie Mai:  That’s less than two and a little over a month that you already looked snatched like this.

[The Real audience claps.]

Angela:  Number one, I’m still working on it.  I’m like a perfection freak.  I’m working on it, but I worked out my whole pregnancy so that really helped…

Loni:  Okay.

Angela:  As soon as my doctor gave me the clearance in like two weeks to do it, I’m like okay I’m going to work out.  So, I started my yoga.

[Video of Angela working out appears on screen.]

Angela:  And now, I’m just now able to really, really get into it.  So, now …

Adrienne Houghton:  Look at you go!

Loni:  Now, that’s a workout.

Adrienne:  You document all of this stuff on social media.  Like, I get inspired when I see you going to the gym.  Even when she was pregnant, you guys, her workouts were better than mine!   I was like dang, there’s no excuse.  This woman’s like 8 months and going ham in the gym.

Angela:  He was nervous.  They were so nervous when I was going to the gym.  They were like why are you doing that?  You’re going to kill the baby.  Oh, my Gosh!

Adrienne:  What did the doctor say?

Angela:  They said I could do whatever I want.  It’s like as long as your body is used to doing it, then you’re allowed to still do it.

Adrienne:  Yes!  Yes!

Angela:  Now, don’t be not working out, then get pregnant and then decide I’m going to go hard core to the gym.  You can’t do that.

Loni:  But you dieted, too.  Now, what did you do about that?

Angela:  Okay, when I was pregnant, I’m going to lie, I ate everything because I’m a vegetarian.

Adrienne:  Yes!

Angela:  Like the baby only wanted junk food.  I’m like this is crazy.  Oh, he wanted everything!  The bad stuff…Doritos….anything you can think of and after, I just haven’t eaten bread.  I kind of cut down on the carbs.  Slowly getting back to where I was at because I was super strict before pregnancy.

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