GUD LAWD: Amber Rose Leggings Pictures Broke The Internet

Posted on Feb 5 2016 - 6:20am by Ratchet Queens Staff

OMG: Amber Rose Leggings Pictures Will Make Women Jealous and Men Go Crazy!!!

Amber Rose leggings pictures

Lawd have mercy! Amber Rose leggings pictures have gone viral on the Internet. Amber Rose is notorious for rocking leggings during exercising but it seems now that leggings are becoming Amber Rose’s daily fashion. After you see these Amber Rose leggings photos, if you have a big booty you will start rocking leggings daily or you will be very jealous if you’re not packing back there. My booty is average so I know for sure I cannot rock these leggings like Amber Rose does (My little booty still cute in leggings though!).

Amber Rose booty pics

If you look closely at some of Amber Rose’s sexy legging pictures you will see that she’s wearing butt pads. Take a closer look especially at the pictures where she’s standing sideways. There are many rumors that Amber Rose had butt implants and injections. Those are just rumors and have not been proving nor did Amber rose dispelled them. However, Amber Rose wearing butt pads are evident in some of those pictures. Something she will not be able to argue against.

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Have pictures of you rocking leggings like Amber Rose? Send to us and we’ll talk about you too!!

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