OMG! Remember Shanice From Boyz N Da Hood? Look At Her Now!

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 7:08pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Shanice (Alysia Rogers Boyz N Da Hood) – How She Looks Now! Before and After Pictures

alysia rogers boyz n da hood before and after pictures

Lord have mercy! That Alysia Rogers Boyz N Da Hood hasn’t aged a bit and look as sexy as she was back in 1991 when she starred in the record breaking movie. Alysia was 24 years old when she featured in Boyz N Da Hood! How old is Alysia Rogers now in 2015? Well, she’s only 45 years young, but don’t look any older than she was in 1991. Alysia Rogers looks more like 25 than 45!

how alysia rogers of boyz n da hood looks now

shanice boyz n da hood actress! where is she now

alysia rogers aka shanice recent pictures

Time is on her side, yes it s! Lordy, lordy, lordy…all we can say for now. Alysia rogers Boyz N Da Hood took a long, long, long break from acting. She popped up out of nowhere in 2013 and appeared in the independent movie ‘Beyond Merrit.‘ She hasn’t been seeing in anything since!

alysia rogers sexy pictures

alysia rogers aka shanice before after photos

alysia rogers twitter

Alysia Rogers Boyz N Da Hood was bullied? Wow, I’m sure she would love to see those bullies now and blast Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now‘ and wake those suckers and walk away with that phat booty of hers.

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