Alvina Stewart – Anthony Anderson’s Wife Files For Divorce! 5 MUST Know Facts About The Black-ish Star & High School Sweetheart!

Posted on Jan 7 2017 - 8:21pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

2. Anthony Anderson communicate with his two children MOSTLY through social media

Anthony Anderson With Kids and Wife At Disney World In 2010

Social media is the best way to reach young people these days. Parents are taking advantage of the popular tools to keep touch with their loves ones. Celebrities parents like Anthony is no exception. His daughter Kyra, 20, and son Nathan, 16 are very active on Twitter with their own profiles. As a result, Anthony uses Twitter to stay active in their lives.

Anthony told People Magazine:

“We make memes and Snapchats, Instagram posts and all that on the 101, but we were doing that responsibly! I was the cameraman, and my son’s hands were on the 10 and 2.” 

Anthony Anderson’s son Nathan is a celebrity and actor on his own right. He appeared in Richie Rich TV series in 2015 and “Jacked o’ Lantern” episode of his father’s show, Black-ish.