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Ratchet Queen – usually blonde girl who is extremely ugly and is very stupid. Queen Ratchet is usually spotted near an amazing ginger boy. Urban Dictionary

Person 1: “Omg! Do you see her, she is so Ratchet!”
Person 2:” I know she’s like the Queen Ratchet.”

ratchet_queensEven though we agree with that statement, a ratchet queen is more to us than that. An athlete or artist that once worth $200m and lost all of it due to reckless/stupid spending is a ‘Ratchet Queen.’

A woman who knows she can break her ankle and may fall rocking a 12 inch heel is .. guess what… a ‘Ratchet Queen.’ Hell, if you do anything that make someone else or even yourself say ‘OMG!’ you’re a ‘Ratchet Queens.’

I approve your ratchetness!!!

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