Meet Abi Diva: The Thickest Nigerian Woman On Earth – NOT KIDDING!

Posted on Nov 30 2015 - 11:31pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

abi diva broni


  • Abu Abbas

    Y’all r some chisel wisel sorry ass mfing losers. This woman is what? the world’s curviest? and queen of what? You guys are lost. Travel and see for yourselves before posting shit like this. It speaks volumes of your narrow-mindedness and knowledge midgetry.

    • I wrote that piece…I just returned from traveling the world for 7 months. I visited 18 countries in 4 continents. I’ve visited 44 countries at the age of 34 and lived in 5 for a year or more. What about you?

      • Oh, I drove from Marrakech to Casablanca, chilled in St Tropez/Monaco finest beaches, took a bath in Zimbabwe’s/Zambia’s devils pool, drank tea with my friends in Dubai while driving through the desert, partied with the daughter of the Kanyan ambassador at the Church national London. Strolled for hours throughout the sangara markets in Ethiopia and Dakar, partied in Salvador Bahia, Jumped off 27 waterfalls In Dominicans republic, rescued people during the earthquake in Haiti. Hanged out at Palace of Good Hope in Capetown. JUST to name a selected few of the 100s. I’m waiting for you to list a few of yours. Just a few.