21 Reasons Why Lil Wayne Wants Ex-Wife Toya Wright Back – You Would Too Once You See These Pictures!

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 10:44am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Lil Wayne wants ex-wife Toya Wright back and she has responded positively to the idea of them getting back together! Below are 21 reasons you would want her back too!

Lil Wayne Wants Ex-Wife Toya Wright Back

Lil Wayne wants ex-wife Toya Wright back and he’s made no secret about it. In fact, both of them being flirting with the idea of getting back together on social media and interviews. The ‘How To Love‘ rapper sent a lengthy note to his ex-wife professing how much he still love her. Toya just recently ended her marriage to Memphitz and Lil Wayne is trying to seize the opportunity to get his first love back.

The black celebrity gossip website Bossip got a hold on the leaked message from Toya’s upcoming book In My Own Words. In the book, Toya published the text message she received from Weezy. He’s pretty much begging to get his boo back. After reading the text message in its entirety, we concluded that Lil Wayne wants his ex-wife Toya Wright back and he’s going hard after her. Read some of the text below:

Lil Wayne Love Letter To Ex-Wife Toya Wright.

“Hey fat sry for hittin u so early but I’m up at work as usual and I wanted u to know something that u may not know…& pls don’t respond to this msg but keep it forever kuz it’ll ALWAYS be true,” part of Wayne’s message reads. “I want u to kno that no matter what woman or relationship I involve myself with, I look for u or a piece of u inside that woman. And why I do that is bekuz we are only creatures of habit and accustomed to what we know and believe, & what we know and believe to be love is what we learn when we first experience it, & for me that experience was with u.”

Home team ride or die 4lyfe!!

A photo posted by Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) on

After the news that Lil Wayne wants ex-wife Toya Wright back hit social media, she posted a photo with the caption “Home team ride or die 4lyfe!!” to her Instagram profile signaling she’s willing to get back with her ex-husband and boo if he’s willing to put in work!

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Now that Lil Wayne wants ex-wife Toya Wright back and made it clear, do you think she should at least give him another chance or keep it moving?


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